Commercial / Industrial Cleaning

Construction team move out...

...dust and dirt everywhere...

Let us get your property ready for purpose.

Expect The Full Service

  • Thorough scrub and vacuum of surfaces including ceiling
  • Dust and clean the inside and out of all closets and cabinetry
  • Carefully clean all floors, tiles, porcelain, ceramic, wood and Vct
  • Scrub and sanitized bathrooms, walls, ceiling fan and fixtures
  • Clean all windows and interior glass
  • Scrub and sanitize food preparation areas, serving area and equipment
  • Remove dust and dirts from ceiling, pipes, vents and light fixtures

We get rid of all 3Ds namely, Dust, Dirt & Debris!

Facility Management

  • Air-condition Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Daily inside and out maintenance staff
  • Monthly Deep clean

General Routine

Daily cleaning of all floors, walls, tiles, partition walls, interior walls, ceiling and fans, light switches, furnitures, reachable windows, sanitized convenience and wash facility, kitchens, dinning area, telephones, computer screen and keyboard, intercom. Vacuum carpets and rugs.


As you can see, we take our cleanliness very seriously and our procedures our second to none in all areas. Why not get in contact and give us a try. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do.

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